Destination Wedding in Italy, trend or tradition?

8 Marzo 2020

Italy, and above all Naples and Amalfi Coast are known all over the world for their natural beauty and unique landscapes. Recently they have become destination for couples who decide to get married in Italy.
Why so many couples come here? And what are the different kinds of destination weddings?

First of all, a lot of people from America, England, Germany and other countries have Italian roots: some of them were born here and grown abroad, some moved abroad as adults and others were born out of Italy but return here for relatives, such as grandparents and cousins.

Besides, some people of course love Italy for its landscapes and weather, regardless of roots or links with this country. That’s probably the main reason why they decide to get married here. Think of the wonderful Amalfi Coast: no more words needed.

And what about the wedding party?

A lot of couples come here with family and friends and decide to entrust the wedding management to a wedding coordinator and/or a wedding planner, who can help them to organize the wedding in Italy. They guide bride and groom to choose the date, the location, the menu, the entertainment, the music and all that they need and want for this special day.

There are also those who want an engagement private session in Italy. It sometimes happens about one year before the wedding day. Capri and Amalfi Coast are the favourite places chosen by couples.

A different kind of wedding party is the Destination Wedding of just two people: bride and groom. It’s the unique situation in which there are more members from the staff than from the guests.
The couple generally consider this party as symbolic and come to Italy only for having a memory of the wedding in a different place.
Some of them have met here the first time and decide to honour this place: that’s really romantic!

And you, have already decided where celebrating your wedding?

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

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